About us
Siemcom was started by pool of Professional Engineers with vast experience and exposure in providing Communication & IT Solutions. Siemcom is a Systems Integrator, in the field of IT & Communication in the UAE market. Siemcom has been engaged in the design and sale of communication solutions, we provide a range of effective and reliable, state-of-the art Communication solutions for industrial and commercial applications on a regional basis.

Siemcom provides turnkey Telecom & IT solutions, IT infrastructure and Wireless Network design & implementation. The organization’s structure has been designed to meet the strategic development and dynamic management changes in the modern industrial world. As a result of dedicated efforts of highly qualified and experienced professionals who have proven their career in IT & Communications Technology and strong Management skills.
Siemcom is committed in providing State of Art Technologies, Professional and well integrated services, as well as cost-effective solutions for business and government organizations. With our satisfied and growing customer base, we are in a position to Introduce, Market and Sell Products & Solutions in the region which have a niche over the competition and adhere to high standards.
We have partnered with the best product manufacturers from all over the world to provide robust and economical solutions to our valued customers.

Provide State of art Solutions
Maintain client loyalty, attracting future recommendations
Strive to provide BEST possible service through Team work, Technical Excellence, Good practices.
Value for Investment.
simple steps . quick results
We Plan and Design Solution
We Deliver & Install .
We Maintain your Network
Projects delivered
Awards won
Happy clients
Company history
Siemcom was established in October 2009 in the belief that there was a space in the marketplace for an IT company that offered customer service and quality of performance as the priority in its operations. Since its commencement Siemcom have established a position at the forefront of the IT Industry, where exceptional service & quality is rewarded and where the client can be completely happy with their product. Siemcom actively pursued & maintained its position by always structuring the company to provide the quality in workmanship, service, staff and technology and by consistently updating our systems, encouraging the training and professional development of our people.

Siemcom is totally focused on its goal of delivering superior service and results in the high end residential and commercial market places. This company attitude is supported by providing stringent qualification tests on all our suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that they too work to our philosophy of quality and service.

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About Siemcom
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Siemcom seeks to be the premier provider of IT solutions and services to multinational companies and major national companies in the UAE and GCC.
Our Objectives
A Customer List that is considered desirable and attractive by industry players/non-industry investors Measurable Customer Satisfaction with service standards that are clearly communicated.

Our people will be Certified Engineers with capabilities to go beyond ‘technical’ and extend to a total relationship with a customer

Business Model
Siemcom’s business model is an integrated Service and Sales Model. Siemcom leads with Services to create customer confidence and reliability in its capability to deliver and this leads to sales opportunities being created in the customer base.