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OXO Connect

The OXO Connect platform is a hybrid model that's ready for the cloud, and is at the heart of feature rich SMB offering that includes:

  • Scalable collaboration with Rainbow cloud service
  • A complete range of of wireline & wireless phone
  • A range of desktop applications to increase productivity
  • Enhanced off-site mobility to keep users connected anywhere
  • Customer welcome from simple voicemail to integrate call routing
  • Single network infrastructure for voice and data services


OmniPCX Enterprise Communications Server

Today’s organizations want to improve business responsiveness while offering employees more flexibility in the way they work. The OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server (CS) helps employees connect in real time whatever their location, and hold high-quality business calls with their colleagues and customers.

Organizations can connect the OmniPCX Enterprise CS to the Alcatel-Lucent Rainbow cloud service. The Rainbow mobile, borderless 

collaboration application is the perfect companion to business phones and helps employees respond faster and better to business .


Cloud Edition DeskPhones

8008 Cloud Edition Deskphone

8018 Cloud Edition Deskphone

8058 Cloud Edition Deskphone

8068 Cloud Edition Deskphone