Enhance Your Business Meeting Sessions with Polycom Video Conferencing System in the UAE

02-08-2021 03:09 PM By zebratechiessolutions

Meetings are an integral part of everyday business activities. For planning business operations, analyzing the company progress, discussing the business issues and finding the solutions to the same, etc., these brainstorming sessions hold great significance. A business firm, whether big or small, has a meeting room or a number of meeting rooms or conference rooms as per the requirements. And they need to be well-equipped for the meeting sessions with a number of state-of-the-art tools, such as projectors and viewports, functional AV equipment, audio and video conferencing equipment, cables and cords, whiteboards and pens, etc. Without all these, a conference room cannot be converted into a functional facility. 

Polycom Conference System in the UAE – a Vital Component of a Meeting Room

A video conferencing system allows people in different locations to have face-to-face meetings among themselves without the need to come together in a single location.  Via a video conferencing system, you can meet your business associates, employees, and candidates for regular business meetings, discussing business deals, or interviewing candidates for job positions in your organization.

Polycom Video Conferencing System

However, in spite of the immense importance and usefulness of video conferencing, studies have shown that measly 4.8% of conference rooms have a video conferencing system installed, whereas, about 95% depend on audio conferencing only. Studies have also shown that today, a majority of business meetings (about 60%) takes place in person, which will go down to only 25% by the year 2024 as the popularity of video conferencing is increasing at a fast pace. 

Make Your Meeting Rooms More Functional with a Polycom Video Conferencing System in the UAE

The video conferencing market is growing rapidly with many notable companies designing and developing cutting-edge video conferencing systems. Poly is one such well-known global communications company that designs and develops advanced video conferencing systems for modern collaborations in an efficient manner.

Poly (Plantronics and Polycom together) offers a range of strategically designed highly functional video conferencing systems that include – Polycom Studio X USB Video Bar, Poly Studio X30 With TC8 (for small meeting rooms), Poly Studio X50 with TC8 (for mid-sized conference rooms), Poly Trio (a smart audio conferencing solution designed for small, medium, and large meeting rooms), Polycom RealPresence Group Series (allows to connect easily from even the remotest locations), and Polycom RealConnect for Office 365. These high-tech video collaboration systems are designed for all kinds of business conference rooms offering optimal functionality and performance. The Polycom video conferencing in the UAEcan definitely make your brainstorming sessions more worthwhile and convenient. 

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