A Guide to Choose the Best Headsets for Microsoft Teams

07-06-2021 02:14 PM

Poor audio quality in virtual meetings can create a noticeable impact on the productivity of the group. Issues like background noise, echo, etc., can ruin the overall experience of any remote meetings, and the only way to fix these problems is to invest in a high-quality headset. If you have already tried several earbuds and found that they are not good enough for video conferencing, then you came to the right place. Here we will talk about a few tips to help you choose the right headset for Microsoft Teams

Wired or Wireless

At first, you have to choose between wired and wireless headsets. We always recommend buying wireless headsets because they can significantly improve your productivity with Microsoft Teams. Wireless headsets give users the freedom to walk around the workspace while talking using Microsoft Teams. It will allow you to pick up prints or even get a cup of coffee without getting off a call. Many modern Bluetooth headsets also enable users to switch a call between a PC and a smartphone.

Wired headsets, on the other hand, are not bad at all. They never run out of battery, and connecting them is also easier. Wired headphones are also typically more affordable than wireless stereo headsets. But one thing that matters most in the workplace is flexibility, and wired headsets can’t help you get that. You can only work more flexibly if you are using a wireless headset and therefore, we always recommend wireless over wired. Siemcom is the leading supplier of premium headsets for Microsoft Teams in UAE. Get in touch with us to buy a business-grade wireless stereo headset at the best price. 


Headsets Can Also be Categorised Based on Wearing Styles. These Styles Include:

  1. Over-ear headsets cover the entire ear. This type of headset naturally blocks most noise but using them for hours can be a difficult job. 

  2. In-ear headsets are either true wireless or can be connected with a neckband or wire. It can be your best option for on-the-go scenarios. 

  3. On-ear headsets sit on top of the ears. They are easy to equip and also provide good noise cancellation in most situations.

Always check the style of a headset very carefully before investing in it. Keep the pros and cons in mind of each type before making your final call. 

Certified Headset

Any headset will technically work with Microsoft Teams, but if you want advanced call control or strong audio performance even in a noisy area, then you must buy a certified headset. Our Microsoft Teams wireless headsets in UAE are ideally designed to deliver better audio quality and cancel noise. 

Keep the above factors in mind when buying a headset. As usual, we will recommend purchasing a wireless stereo headset in UAE or other countries. You can buy premium headsets for Microsoft Teams from Siemcom. Along with headsets we also offer complete Microsoft Teams solutions.

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