Why Do Businesses Need Cloud-Based Call Centre Solutions in the UAE?

10-22-2022 09:34 AM

The increase in the competitiveness of business has resulted in organizations looking for call center solutions for deploying their work to increase customer satisfaction. These call centers will enable additional agents to handle the off-hour calls. This will facilitate the hassle-free scalability of your business without the need to invest in infrastructure or maintenance. These centers of cloud-based call center solutions in the UAE, where the agents work with the help of headsets for Microsoft Teams in the UAE, will connect to the customers with skill-based geographical routing and Interactive Voice Response menus. This will help in increasing business agility, and your organization can better adapt to market trends, which will play a crucial role in lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction.


Key Features Of Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions


Having an interconnected network of call centres where the agents can resolve customer queries, is imperative in today’s world for any business to thrive. A cloud-based interactive call center has the following features:


  Call Routing: The incoming calls can be routed to the agents who are available, and proper routing strategies are used to optimize the time of the agent as well as of the customer.

  IVR: Intuitive voice responses are generated to better engage the customers who are looking for information and guide them in finding the right agent.

  Call Recording: All calls are recorded for quality training purposes. These agent interactions are used to study customer complaints and grievances, and they help in better compliance recommendations. 

  Call Queue: The generation of smart queues helps in managing waiting calls better, and this system optimizes the number of agents working with the organization.

  Encrypted Calling: In order to maintain security, all calls go through a level of encryption. These call centers comply with the leading security standards.

  Voicemail: If any call gets answered, the customer has the option to leave a message via voicemail. This is instantly mailed to an agent or a group so that quick action can be taken and the customer can be sent a response at the earliest.

  Live Monitoring: The feature of live monitoring helps in tracking sales statistics and gives insights into the agent’s performance.

  Call Barging: The live monitoring panel gives access to a person in charge to barge the calls and listen to the live conversation. This feature is used in instructing an agent during a live call.



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