What Is a Cloud Contact Center and Why Should You Care?

04-29-2021 05:07 PM
A cloud contact center is the central point of an internet server from which outbound and inbound communications are handled. The center may make interactions through email or voice virtually from anywhere. They can also use social media for the same. 

The majority of customers are now using digital channels to communicate with businesses. Due to this reason, it has been essential for companies to modernize the contact center. The leading communication & IT firm Siemcom can help you to deploy a cloud based contact center in UAE in no time. You can accomplish the deployment process without making any huge up-front capital investment. Our IT experts will give you state-of-the-art capabilities and transform your contact center legacy into an updated cloud-based contact center. 

Traditional vs. Cloud

Traditional contact center infrastructure gives businesses limited options. Many companies are stuck with costly on-premise contact center infrastructure that can't be scale. On the other hand, the cloud contact center in UAE and other countries uses the latest communications technology that gives businesses a more efficient alternative to on-premise contact centers. Users of cloud contact centers do not have to maintain any data center space or additional redundant hardware. However, this feature is not accessible to those who still rely on an on-premise solution.

What Is a Cloud Contact Center?

A cloud contact center is a complete suite of applications, software, tools, and cloud-hosted services. A large-scale organization that requires multiple communications channels like calls, call routing, messaging, etc., can opt for a cloud contact center. A contact center is a facility that manages contact with clients. A call center can only manage phone calls, but a contact center can handle communications over multiple channels. 

Every customer-centric company should have the contact center right. If your sales or support team fails to handle communication properly, it may result in loss of reputation and revenue. Siemcom can help you deploy the best cloud contact center in UAE or other countries and help you level up your communication game. It will boost your overall business performance and impact your bottom line. 

Why Should You Care

In the section above, we have already discussed why you should care for a cloud contact center. In this section, we will highlight more of its features:
  • Cloud-based contact centers give businesses global reach. It means you don't have to negotiate with carriers in every location where you do business. You can buy on-demand phone numbers across the globe and deploy them instantly by leveraging the power of cloud platforms.
  • A cloud-based contact center is easy to scale. 
  • Just like scaling up, scale back down is also easy in a cloud-based contact center. It will help you to respond to the change quickly.
  • Businesses can quickly prototype, develop, and deploy cloud-based contact centers by putting zero to little impact on the operating budget. 

We hope that now you have understood what a cloud contact center is and how it can impact your business. Feel free to consult us if you still have any questions.